Book Review: “Grief: Walking With Jesus” by Bob Kellemen


Have you ever been convicted in grief? This book may do just that. But don’t be intimidated! It is a good conviction that I believe will encourage growth within the grieving Christian. “Grief: Walking With Jesus” is not nor does it claim to be a guide for coping with loss. Instead, author Bob Kellemen presents quality insights into certain biblical passages pertaining to grief: particularly the grief of Jesus. Kellemen’s insights include worshipping and glorifying God through grief and gospel-centered lament.

The title struck me as interesting and relevant so I requested it, and I am glad I did. At the end of each devotional reading, Kellemen offers a couple of paragraphs for reflection and action based on the day. I recommend that the reader take time to work through the suggestions, and not skim through each day as is often the temptation with devotional books.

To be honest, I do not read a significant amount of devotionals as they often cannot go into the depth that their topics really demand. Even the more doctrinally solid devotionals tend to lack significant depth simply because of space constraints. However, I can say I thoroughly appreciated this book as my own family and congregation are in a season of grief. Kellemen is able to be gentle while not encouraging readers to wallow in their grief or focus unbiblically on the self. He presents biblical reflections on grief, reminding readers that we do not grieve as the world does. “Grief: Walking With Jesus” has been a wonderful reminder of the transcending hope that Jesus brings to the grieving.

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