Book Review: The Ten Commandments by Kevin DeYoung


“The Ten Commandments: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should Obey Them” offers exactly what its title says. Author DeYoung convicts you, shows you why each of the commandments should be obeyed and how to be obedient to the commands God has given us. Kevin DeYoung has caused me to be deeply convicted of my sin while giving me a greater understanding of the “Why” and “How” to follow the commands given to Moses at Sinai. It is important to keep in mind the knowledge that we are not earning our salvation, nor does Kevin DeYoung think we are, by obeying the ten commandments as he makes clear from the very beginning of his book. In the introduction, DeYoung brings a startling reality of both the world and the church to our attention. Most of us understand the ten commandments to be foundational, or at the least very significant to the Christian faith. But how many of us can recite them? We may be embarrassed in the church today if we, at random, were to pick a Christian and ask them to name each of the commandments.

Of course, there may be those who can proudly proclaim their memorization of the Ten Words, Decalogue, or however one may prefer to refer to them. This book is certainly for them as well. Many of us in the church today very unfortunately think we have moved past the ten commandments. “Don’t kill people, got it, not a problem,” we think to ourselves and “move on” to what we may find more interesting or relevant. As the reader will quickly come to realize, there are so many ways we break the ten commandments every day. It is more than simply saying “OMG” as DeYoung will explain in his chapter on the third commandment.

The commandments are more than just a list of “Dos and don’ts”, they reveal God to us. God does not want us to worship the wrong god nor does He want us worshiping the right God in the wrong way, as the first two commandments inform us. Each chapter following is ever-relevant and convicting. A person may think to themselves that they have the ten commandments down, that they follow them flawlessly. I would be surprised and perhaps somewhat concerned if that person could maintain that position after reading through this book. Even the commandments we think we so clearly don’t deal with “I’ve never STOLEN anything I don’t covet”, DeYoung may change your mind about before you finish reading. His book is not legalistic but it will definitely show you your heart.

I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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