Book Review: Grace in the Valley by Heath Adamson


One of the most well-known psalms is Psalm 23, a psalm of David. It’s beautiful, short and loved by many. A lot of people have either the whole psalm or a large portion of it memorized, sometimes without even knowing it. You may be familiar with the famous words “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want,” or “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me,” “My cup overflows,” or more. In his book “Grace in the Valley”, Heath Adamson examines both the historical context and spiritual meaning of Psalm 23.

“Grace in the Valley” reminds me so much of my church growing up, especially my youth pastor’s sermons. While reading a particular portion on perspective, I was reminded of something a pastor of mine said when I was in Jr. High. “God doesn’t always give you peace from the storm, but He will give you peace in the storm.” I believe this book could be beneficial to Christians, especially new believers in achieving that peace in the storm or valley.

Some folk from a more Reformed or traditional background may take issue with the heavy use of experience and a couple of minor things that were said, but it is not a bad book. Adamson’s personal experiences are charming. It’s well-written and not so theological that you have to re-read things until you understand them. I would say this book is more for those who feel lost, or hurt and don’t want cold theology, but desire someone simply to be there to relate with them.

I pray this book will comfort those it reaches and remind us that God is still good, still close even when our experiences seem to contradict who God has revealed himself to be.

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