Book Review: Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation With the World by D. A. Carson


My final book review of the year is “Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation With the World” by D. A. Carson. While I enjoyed the last book I reviewed by the same author, I found this study over Matthew 5-10 to be thoroughly more enjoyable. In his preface, Carson states that this 300 page volume is more condensed than others on the same subject. Even so, the book remains informed and thorough.

Originally published as two separate works, the book is separated into two parts. The first is an exposition of Matthew 5-7, Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, and the second of Matthew 8-10, His confrontation of the world.

Full disclosure, this is the first commentary I have read that includes the beatitudes, but growing up Christian I have heard many a sermon preached and a few Bible studies that cover the topic and I will say that this book offers the best explanation and application of the famous verses that begin Matthew chapter 5 that I have seen. I believe this book was used to convict me and I deeply appreciate it. The rest of the book is of equal depth.

Overall the book is solid, as I’ve come to expect from Carson, with relevance for both new and seasoned believers.

Many thanks to Baker Books for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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