Book Review: You’re My Little Sweet Pea

This adorable book from Zonderkidz is illustrated by Kit Chase. “You’re My Little Sweet Pea” is targeted at young children and their mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or any other grown-up who takes care of them. The content of the book is a sweet poem that portrays the love one has for a beloved child. With phrases like “Your giggle always melts my heart. You changed my world right from the start” and “I see you smile and know your cry. Don’t worry, Sweet Pea, I’m close by.”mothers especially will be able to sincerely relate with this board book.

As you may have suspected from the title, this book does not focus on, nor contain any message of spirituality. It would be just as enjoyable for the secular home as for the Christian household. Chase does a beautiful job of illustrating this Children’s book. Adorably illustrated tigers, foxes, bunnies, bears, and other animals make the poem come to life.

I would definitely recommend this book for parents, grandparents etc. to read to their children, as it beautifully and poetically describes the affection one feels for their “Sweet Peas.”

I received a complementary review copy in exchange for my fair and honest review.

My Little Sweet Pea

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