January 2019 Reads

The first month of 2019 has been slow reading for me. However, I have had the opportunity to review more children’s books than I would have expected and so I’m grateful for that. This is the first of what will be a monthly summary of the books and Bibles I’ve read and reviewed over the month. With each book, I will give a short summary, a link to the review if it has one, and whether I would recommend it.

 Children’s Books

  • “You’re My Little Sweet Pea” is an illustrated poem about the love parents and grandparents have for their “little Sweet Peas.” I adore the artwork and the poem, though this is one of the first secular books I’ve reviewed here. Recommended? Yes.
  • “God’s Good News” by Billy Graham. This children’s devotional contains both Bible stories and selected scriptures taken directly from the Bible itself. At the end of each devotional reading we see a short insight for the day from Billy Graham. Recommended? With the guidance of a doctrinally sound adult.


  • “40 Days of Doubt” by Eric Huffman is the first book I read this year. The book sets out to engage with skeptical believers, or believers who struggle with doubt. A 40-day devotional book that offers an average apologetic approach. Recommended? No.
  •  “The Angry Christian” by Bert Ghezzi is a book that seeks to discipline the near universal emotion of anger. Ghezzi uses illustrations and passages from scripture to support his case. Recommended? Yes, but I would recommend using discernment when reading.


  • The ESV Illuminated Journaling Bible is the most gorgeous Bible I own. It has wide margins for note taking and features the stunning designs of Dana Tanamachi. Recommended? Absolutely.
  • The rainbow Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible is a Bible targeted at children. While the cover is cute, the content is what’s important. I was impressed by the easy reading level of the ICB translation. It is the full text of the Bible, not a paraphrase for children, though some verses are shortened for clarity. There are short articles which talk about things such as knowing that Jesus loves you, why you should read the Bible, and more. Recommended? Yes


Some reviews coming up soon are “Long Before Luther” by Nathan Busenitz, “A Little Book for New Historians” by Robert Tracy McKenzie, “Understanding Scientific Theories of Origin” by John Walton et al, and others.

What did you read in January 2019? Comment and let me know!

2 Thoughts

  1. What did I read in January? This blog! And the Bible. Ooh and B is for Bedtime! And the little book of colors! Not as impressive as your list eh?


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