Book Review: Living In The Light

“Living in the Light” is a 52-week devotional from Thomas Nelson Publishers. Each week contains daily devotional readings from a portion of scripture and the writings of a different author. Johnny Hunt writes both week one and week 52, which leaves 51 total contributors.

The book itself is a sort of leathery material which gives it a masculine vibe. Throughout the entire devotional, I couldn’t escape the feeling that this devotional is strongly masculine. While the devotional readings themselves are unconcerned with gender and could apply to anyone, I cannot help but think of this as a men’s devotional. This probably stems from a combination of the black leathery cover and the Southern Baptist contributors.

With 51 contributors writing on select passages from Genesis to Revelation there is understandably a wide diversity in devotional topics. Some of them were enjoyable on topics like putting awe back into worship, Christian attitude, God’s love, motivation to worship, and the mightiness of God. However, it is shallow at times.

Devotional books are usually hit or miss. “Living in the Light” isn’t bad overall, but it isn’t anything ground-breaking either. My final impression would be that this devotional is okay.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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