Book Review: God I Know You’re There

“God I Know You’re There” is an illustrated children’s board book featuring a poem by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and the beautiful artwork of Lucy Fleming.

The poem consists of various phrases for Children to think on such as:

“Wind, I can’t see you. / Still I know you’re there. / I feel you dance across my face / and rustle through my hair.”

“Thunder, I can’t watch you. / Still I know you’re there. The lightening blinks before you boom! / You’re nature’s stormy pair.”

“God, I can’t see you. / Still I know You’re There. / You’re in the love I give away — / The sparkle when I care.”

The poem is cute and will encourage young ones to think on what it means to know something (or someone) is there, despite not being able to visually see it, such as the wind. The beginning of the poem brings to memory an analogy, one heard often in my childhood: ‘You can’t see the wind, but you can see what it does.’ This, being similar to God. I might recommend this work for younger children who have yet to grasp certain concepts.

Fleming’s artwork is gorgeous as well. If I had a list of my favourite illustrations, her work would be included in it. The use of colour is beautiful and the artwork is fantastic.

The last page is a little strange to me, particularly the “sparkle when I care” line, but I think with a biblically informed adult to explain what the phrase means, this book would be a good addition to the children’s bookshelf.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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