Book Review: The Beginning of Deliverance

“The Beginning of Deliverance” contains the testimony of author Eve Matheny. Matheny begins in her early life and teenage years and elaborates on the events leading up to psychological and spiritual torment. She leads the reader through her experience with the occult, Roman Catholicism, relationships, and multiple other things.

Her story is very gripping, I even found myself tearing up reading about how she gave her daughter up for adoption. The latter part of her testimony shows her struggle with voices she would hear in her head and through the radio, sometimes claiming to be people she knew.

She does not recommend (as explained in her disclaimer) that anyone stop taking prescribed medication without first talking to their doctor, but she also speaks on the almost immediate deliverance from a variety of struggles without the help of medication.

In the last portion of the book Matheny shares multiple scripture passages about things she has learned on her journey such as truths about the Bible, traditions of man, false doctrine, repentance, and salvation, not only sharing her experience but ending the book with scriptural truths as well.

Matheny’s testimony of deliverance is more than just inspiring. The book shows the awesome saving power of Christ and an amazing story of deliverance, that should not only inspire but cause readers to reflect on the very real workings of God in a life.

I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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