Book Review: Baptism

“Baptism” from Reformation Trust Publishing was written by executive director and assistant professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary Guy Richard. The author is Presbyterian so many credobaptists are likely to be hesitant when picking it up. However, the introduction makes clear that this book is written with both credobaptists (those who believe baptism should be done after one professes faith) and paedobaptists (those who believe children and infants of believers should be baptised) in mind.

The book is written from a paedobaptist perspective, but with the intention to bring some clarification to a family debate between brothers and sisters of the faith. Richard does an excellent job of being charitable and honest to both sides, including a chapter on why the Baptist brothers and sisters disagree.

The author explores many topics such as the meaning of baptism, why we baptise, and who should be baptised. I have personally benefited from the book as a question that has been on my mind is “Should I be re-baptized” and this book actually addresses this specific question.

“Baptism” is a great read for those seeking to go deeper in their understanding of baptism or for those who would be interested in seeing a differing view point.

I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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