Book Review: After Acts

If you’ve ever heard your pastor mention in passing that certain apostles died or did this or that “according to tradition…” or maybe you’ve wondered what became of the apostles yourself, you may enjoy “After Acts” by Bryan Liftin. As the back of the book states “The book of Acts ends at chapter 28. But its characters lived on.” So what did they do historically? After scripture ceases to record the happenings of their lives? These are questions this book seeks to answer.

The main issue I take with the book is how short it is. I’d love to read this book, by this author, but with at least 500 pages to elaborate further. From the introduction to the conclusion it is just under 200 pages. There are slightly more than 10 pages to a chapter covering each individual, including a chapter on “The Other Apostles” which covers multiple apostolic figures at once.

Extremely helpful is the presence of “report” cards at the end of each chapter. On these small sheets, the author grades each major point of the chapter, traditions associated with each person, such as Mary’s perpetual virginity which receives a D- (meaning not very reliable). These serve both to clarify reliability and as a sort of recap of the chapter.

Overall, I enjoyed “After Acts,” my only disappointment is the length.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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