Book Review: Humble Calvinism

If you’ve ever met a Calvinist, you’re probably thinking that “Humble Calvinism” sounds like an oxymoron. If you’re thinking this to yourself, you probably understand exactly why a book on humble Calvinism is necessary. In his book “Humble Calvinism” J. A. Medders explains not only why humble Calvinism is not contradictory, but that the doctrines of grace should cause us to be some of the most humble people.

Unfortunately, Calvinists have developed a reputation, especially over social media platforms, for being… much less than humble. Why is it that those who profess the doctrines of grace so often lack it? It might be easy to blame the doctrines themselves, but the fault lies with Calvinists, such as myself. The issue arises, as Medders will state throughout his book, when head knowledge doesn’t reach the heart.

The book deals with the doctrines of grace often summed up in the acronym TULIP, but that is by no means all this book is. Medders explains the meaning of TULIP, or the 5 points of Calvinism, but just as importantly he explains what this should affect in us and how these flower petals should humble us.

I actually really love the tone that Medders takes throughout. He does not sound accusatory or annoyed. He sees there is an issue and addresses it with gentleness, as one who has experienced a lack of humility in the past.

There is a short interlude where Medders explains a little of the theological jargon, so readers of any level of knowledge can enjoy this book without getting lost.

There are multiple books that get suggested to a new Calvinist such as various works by the Puritans, Calvin’s Institutes and everyone’s favourtie systematic theologies. I truthfully think this book deserves to be suggested to new Calvinists who are still in the “cage stage” as well as people who have been Calvinists for a time and may believe themselves to be out of this stage. I, and I’m sure others who will read this will put this book down feeling convicted, humbled or both. Certainly a good read.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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