Book Review: Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart

One of the biggest struggles of the Christian walk is sexual sin and temptation. Whether it’s masturbation, pornography, erotica, sexual fantasies, homosexual desires, just about everyone struggles with sexual sin in some form, including women. For a lot of people, lust is a “guy issue” which is why a lot of content on fighting sexual temptation and dealing with sin seems directed at men. This can cause a lot of women to think that their struggle makes them weird or different and so they don’t speak up about it and receive the help and guidance we all need. That’s what makes “Sex, Purity, and the Longing’s of a Girl’s Heart” by sisters Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal so important and so vital. The authors inform us that it is not a “guy” thing or a “girl” thing, it’s a human struggle.

In this book, both authors share from their own experience. Beal, at the time the book was written, is able to offer her perspective on the topic of God-defined sexuality as an unmarried woman, which was complimented well with the perspective of her married sister Clark. Both are able to offer their respective views and advice accordingly.

This is not your typical fluffy purity book. The girls from GirlDefined Ministries delve deep into the issue at hand, dismantling misconceptions and harmful lies that our society feeds us about sexuality and femininity. They address false narratives surrounding purity and speak on pursuing purity out of a heart that seeks to honour God. My overall impression is how very real this book is. It doesn’t dance around the tough or convicting issues, Clark and Beal deal with the heart of sexual sins and are not afraid to name them. But throughout the book, they leave their readers with a promise of hope of redemption for those of us (all of us) who are sexually broken.

In the very first chapter they share the gospel, which is exactly what sinners need to hear, whether they are already justified or are just having their eyes opened to it for the first time, the hope of the good news is so vital to dealing with sin and temptation. The entire book is heavily sprinkled with passages of scripture to support Clark and Beal’s points and to encourage the reader. The book is theologically sound and I was actually surprised to see them quoting from some of my favourite teachers such as John Piper, John Owen, and Tim Challies.

Clark and Beal have an excellent way of getting to the heart of the issue, of desiring God and finding fulfillment in relationship with him. They have an entire portion on the meaning of the word yada and how it applies to various relationships including with our God. But it’s also practical. They don’t just show you where your heart should be, they also give you practical advice for how to take steps toward overcoming a struggle with sexual sin.

“Sex, Purity, and the Longing’s of a Girl’s Heart” is a book I would recommend to every teenage girl, every young adult female who finds themselves struggling with shame, brokenness, questions, longings, sin. It’s not the only book written for women on the subject, but if you’re only going to read one book on the topic, I would recommend this book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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