Book Review: Faith is for Weak People

Ray Comfort is a fairly well-known name among Christians, particularly those Christians who spend a significant amount of time on Youtube. He’s authored multiple books and tracts, but I think he is best known for his videos where he engages unbelievers of all sorts in order to share the gospel. This, I believe, gives him the necessary experience to write “Faith is for Weak People”. Regardless of whether one likes his videos, his years of experience has informed him what sort of objections and attitudes are most common among those who reject the gospel.

In each chapter, Comfort tackles objections to the gospel such as Why are there so many hypocrites in the church? Why does God torture people in Hell for not believing in him? and If God is loving, why won’t Christians allow gay people to be themselves? I can’t say I agree with the way Comfort handles every single objection, and the book is certainly not exhaustive on its topics. The chapters vary in length, but it goes about as in-depth and reads almost as a devotional. I would put it in the category of the recent trend in apologetic devotionals, though it is not marketed at such.

My biggest praise for the book is that it is entirely centered on the gospel and sharing it. The book doesn’t focus on trying to prove God in a vague deistic sense but on removing barriers for sharing the best news ever.

Though I think some things could have been dealt with differently or explored more, my impression of the book remains positive. Comfort has real-world experience in engaging non-Christians in apologetic conversation and I think this book is sufficient to equip the average believer in every-day conversational apologetics.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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