Monthly Reads June

The month of June has come and gone just as fast as the others. As always, this post includes a monthly summary of the books and articles I’ve read as well as the videos I’ve watched and enjoyed.

As you can tell from the articles and videos listed below, I have been looking into apologetics regarding the Jewish people. It’s something that has been on my mind recently as I’d like to be more equipped to witness to a sweet Reform Jew friend of mine. I’ve noticed there are very significant differences in approaches to Scripture between Jews and Christians, especially between those of the reformed camps of either religion. I’ve also become aware of a significant lack in this area of apologetics, especially from those of traditions outside of messianic Judaism. Many Christians will point to Isaiah 53, and rightfully so, it is one of the richest and clearest messianic prophecies. But most simply point, without actually engaging. So I hope these resources will help those interested in witnessing to the Jewish people. I wish there were more material to share from theologically solid sources, however I’ve included resources that have been beneficial to me on this topic. I do not necessarily endorse the teachers in the videos, but in these instances they are knowledgeable and helpful on the topic.

This was a pretty good month for books, I really enjoyed the first books I’ve reviewed from the Good Book Company (Pray Big and Humble Calvinism). I’m glad to have found another trusted publisher.

On a personal level this month has been pretty difficult. I lost a dear friend of mine who was not a believer in Christ, so I’ve been rather upset as I struggle to cope with thoughts and emotions. Nothing quite feels the same, and it certainly doesn’t feel right. For now I am just trusting in the sovereignty and goodness of God. I don’t know His purposes but I do not believe in meaningless evil or suffering. A majority of my followers are Christians so I implore you to pray for the family of this young man.

Per usual, following is a list of the books I’ve reviewed this month, a quick description, and whether I would recommend them.

Pray Big: A short book on Prayer from Alistair Begg covering a specific prayer of Paul for the church in Ephesus. Recommended? Absolutely.

Foundations of the Christian Faith: A foundational systematic theology by James Boice, a trusted teacher of the Word. Recommended? Yes.

5 Minutes in Church History: An introduction to 2000 years church history in bite sized bits of information. Recommended? Yes.

Humble Calvinism: A solid introduction to the doctrines of grace with an emphasis on humility and grace. Recommended? Highly.

Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart: A much needed book on an uncomfortable but important topic for women. Recommended? Yes.

Faith is for Weak People: A basic book on answering common objections to the gospel. Recommended? Somewhat.

Learning Biblical Hebrew: An introductory Hebrew grammar. Definitely helpful. Recommended? Yes.

Mere Calvinism: Another introduction to the doctrines of grace, or the five points of TULIP. Recommended? Yes.

ESV Prayer Bible: A Bible containing hundreds of prayers from voices of the past. Recommended? Yes.


Why is human sacrifice okay when it’s Jesus but not when it’s anyone else?

Theological Objections

Is Calvinism the Gospel?

Systematic, Biblical, and Historical Theology

Is the Son of God Eternally Subordinate to the Father?

When a Physically Healthy Teen is Allowed to Die

Why Are Calvinists So Mean?

God, Thank You I’m Not Like Those Prosperity Preachers

‘You told me it was just tissue’: Traumatized abortion pill patients return with babies ‘in Ziploc bags’


Rabbi Jonathan Romain vs Michael Brown • Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Theological Objections: Atonement Part 1 – Blood Sacrifice…

Dr. Michael Brown – Finding Jesus in the Old Testament Pt 1

I Love James White

Dr. Brown Debates Isaiah 53 with Rabbi Asher Meza

Isaiah 53, the rabbis, and the Messiah – Dr. Michael Brown

R.C. Sproul Proves that God Does Not Exist

This post contains affiliate links. This means at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission of any purchases made using the links above.

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