Why I Like Being a Baker Books Blogger

I’ve been a book blogger for almost a year now and though I’m still learning plenty of things, I’ve learned what I like and dislike about receiving books in exchange for my honest review. I made a list a while back about the programs I’m a part of and some publishers I review for which you can find here. In this short post, I’d like to share what I like about being part of a very particular program. One of the first programs I signed up for was Baker Books Bloggers, so I’m more familiar with it than I am with some others.

Every month Baker Books send out an email to their bloggers with a few titles available for review. The selection is usually pretty diverse, ranging from deep theological topics to more practical books.

Some of my favourite titles come from Baker Books and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to both read them and promote them on my blog. Among these books is “None Greater” which is one of my highest recommendations. There are also many Baker Books on my personal shelf that I did not receive in exchange for review, so it is nice to be able to read certain upcoming titles. As with all publishers I’ve come across, I am not required to write a positive review of the books, I am free to give my fair and honest opinion.

Another thing I’ve come to appreciate about Baker Books’ review program is the straightforward method of requesting titles and submitting reviews. In the monthly emails, you pick out the title or titles you are interest in and simply request them through a link in the email. There is a separate link for submitting reviews which is more convenient than other methods.

I’ve really enjoyed being a blogger for Baker Books. If you’re a Christian blogger interested in receiving free books (in exchange for your fair and honest review), I’d totally recommend Baker Books Bloggers as one of the best places to sign up, which you can do here.

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