Article Highlights

I usually sum up all articles, blog posts, and YouTube videos I read and watched every month in my Monthly Reads posts. I decided to keep that strictly for books and to have a separate post to collect articles. The links vary in topic and length, some are years old and others posted this past week, but I’ve learned something from each one of them. So here it is! I have enjoyed reading these and I hope you do too!

6 Reasons Christians Should Be Readers 6 valid reasons that Christians should balance visual entertainment with reading the written word.

The Great Sacrifice A look at Abraham and Isaac on mount Moriah and the Sacrifice it points to on Calvary

4 Ways to Help a Christian Friend With an Eating Disorder I love this short article. A fair, biblical approach to helping your friends.

Women Teaching Men — How Far Is Too Far? One of my favourite articles. A graceful look at women teaching.

Biblical Theology in Discipleship Nancy Guthrie emphasizes the importance of biblical theology, especially among women.

Do You Own Your Ebooks? No, you do not. Good information.

Tried with Fire: Death and Its Brood Adam’s sin and human suffering.

What is the Gospel? Burk Parsons takes a brief look at the foundation of Christian faith.

Replace Purity Culture, But Don’t Replace Jesus Reflections on purity culture and Joshua Harris’ public divorce and his personal faith.

God Benjamin Warfield talks about the triune God.

If you’ve read any articles recently that you have learned something from, that made you think or view something in a different light, drop them below and tell me why you liked the article you shared!

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