Overliked: Finding Direction, Courage, and Meaningful Relationships in a Society Crippled by Social Media (Audiobook)

Overliked by Rob Singleton is a book very relevant to the age of social media, likes, emojis, and technology.

Social media isn’t evil, Singleton even acknowledges that technology can be enjoyable and has the ability to connect us. However, the way we use it can be toxic for us and others. Singleton states “This book isn’t anti-technology, it’s pro-authenticity.”

I’ve never had the pleasure of reviewing an audiobook before so this was a new experience. With author being the one to narrate his own book, he is able to read in a way that flows well with the intention of the text. The casual tone of the book makes it feel more conversational, almost like a chat over coffee with your dad or a mentor sharing his insight.

The first portion of the book draws heavily on culture, using experiences from Rob’s own life, football, and other cultural references. The latter portion of the book delves into scripture, spending a lot of time in the turbulent and exciting life of David.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Singleton says or every use of scripture, but the principles he shares are valuable. At the end of each chapter, he offers a place to respond and reflect on the topic he discusses.

The evangelical youth pastor will probably enjoy reading Overliked and sharing Singleton’s insights with students. The principles employed in by Singleton can be used on or off social media and the authenticity he encourages applies to many facets of life.

I received compensation in exchange for a fair and honest review

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